AS Design offers a vast experience in a broad range of areas such as:

  • Public Realm including civic spaces and infrastructure

  • Educational and institutional developments such as hospitals and universities

  • Urban development including mixed-use commercial buildings and industrial developments

  • Residential developments including individual residences to large subdivisions and aged care

  • Tourism based projects such as esplanades and resorts
    Mining and resource based projects such as accommodation camps and rehabilitation of mine sites

  • Large-scale international projects including Olympic sites and waterfronts




In Late 2016, AS Design were commissioned to commence with the Concept Design for the refurbishment of the Tradewinds, Rydges resort along the Esplanade in Cairns as part of the Crystalbrook Collection range of hotels / resorts.

Along Abbott Street, the refurbishment portion of the building required to command street presence. This was done through mass planting the verge. All existing understorey planting around the perimeter of the building is to be substituted with a new range of tropical species.

The Minnie Street verge consisted of existing turf is to be replaced with mass low understorey planting complying with CPTED requirements under a dense canopy of overhead trees. This edge creates a dense / lush feel to the yoga deck and function room break-out space along with providing relief from the harsh western sun.

The intersection of Minnie Street and the Esplanade consists of a paved plaza space with seating opportunities under trees and palms overlooking the reflection ponds of the development with the Esplanade as a backdrop. This space provides the public with an opportunity to experience the reflection ponds from the outside along with providing an integrated space with the Esplanade and nearby Muddies Playground.

Inside the development, the elaborate resort pool with associated day bed areas, a beach edge and sun lounges located in shallow water has an island bar and stepped reflection ponds / infinity edge framing the development overlooking the Esplanade and beyond. Soft landscape features are scattered within the pool and restaurant areas consisting of palm trees in islands and planters, vertical trellis structures framing the relaxation pods and feature canopy trees over the restaurant facing the Esplanade.

Construction was completed in January 2019.

Tradewinds image 2.jpg



In 2016, AS Design were commissioned to commence with the Concept Design for the 12 storey hotel and residential tower development situated at 163 Abbott street in Cairns as part of the Crystalbrook Collection range of hotels / resorts.

The landscape elements are situated on Ground Level, Level 1 and Level 3 only.

The underlying landscape theme of “where rainforest meets urban” is reflected in many ways within the design. On the Ground Level, the angular shaped building footprint creates an open welcoming feel which forms a thoroughfare directly to the central lifts / entry via the bar lounges and restaurant areas.

This structure is continued even further with an organic paving shape signifying the organic leaf shapes of the regions rainforests highlighting the central pedestrian entry from the Port Cochere. The remaining paving wrapping around the building edges follow the angular form reflecting the hard edges of the urban form. With the Port Cochere encroaching into the verge and the paving pattern extending to the back of kerb, there is a seamless transition from public to private.

Level 1 consists of a pool with adequate sun lounges and sun bed opportunities intertwined with organic shaped planters. Lush, tropical planting frame the edges of the podium and encompass a yoga deck.

Level 3 comprises of a continuation of the same paving pattern as the Ground level incorporating planted arbour / trellis structures and seating alcoves along the edges of the building. A pool and deck structure frames a restaurant and bar facing the south.

Randomly located tropical trees and palms provide shade and relief along with ‘softening’ the edges of the building.

Construction of the landscape will commence in March 2019.




In 2017, AS Design were commissioned to commence with the Concept Design for the 12 storey hotel and residential tower development situated at 85 Esplanade in Cairns as part of the Crystalbrook Collection range of hotels / resorts.

The underlying landscape theme of “where rainforest meets the reef” is reflected in many ways within the design. Abbott Street frontage on the Ground Level consists of the Porte Cochere with pockets of low planters with 2 external planters comprising of large established palms. Clinging and overhanging plants provide a ‘sea’ of green backdrop from Level 2 down to the street level softening the building façade.

Level 2 or the Podium Level consists of the Wellness Centre, Yoga and Meditation Rooms, Guest Pool, Whiskey Bar and Kitchen all encompassed by dense perimeter planting consisting of lush endemic rainforest species.

Strategically located vertical green façade strips run up the building from Levels 4 to 12 providing fingers of lush planting protruding out from the podium level.

Construction of the landscape will commence in March 2019.


Projects - Bellview Hotel Image 2.jpg
Projects - Bellview Hotel Image 3.jpg
Projects - Bellview Hotel Image 1.jpg



In 2018, AS Design were commissioned to commence with Schematic Design after Daydream Island was decimated by Cyclone Debbie in 2017.

After several options were investigated, it was the Clients decision to rectify and re-instate the existing landscape and pool where possible.

The planting philosophy for the development included designating different planting zones for different areas. The zones included a colourful arrival experience consisting of classical plantings of coastal tropics but also flowering specimens.

Open ocean front areas consisted of hardy species able to withstand the exposed conditions while sheltered areas within the building interface comprised of lush deep green leafiness and perfumed flowers.

The central pool is encompassed by vibrant colour all year round with contrasting colours of foliage accentuating the pool shape as well as creating a distinctive and memorable experience when viewing from above.

The rainforest wing situated on the western side of the island nestled into the landform is aptly surrounded by lush rainforest species.

The official opening of the redevelopment was 15th of April 2019.


Daydream Aerial 1.jpg



In 2015, AS Design were commissioned by Harridan Pty Ltd for the landscape concept design, contract documentation and site supervision for a 64 lot subdivision. The subdivision comprises of streetscape planting along with a 2 hectare open space area nestled in between the lots.

The open space primarily consists of a central overland flow swale with rehabilitation planting to the surrounds. 2 bio-retention basins are strategically located as well as meandering localised rock boulder walls to retain significant existing trees. Pedestrian paths link both residential components via a bridge / culvert structure over the swale.

The site was constructed in May 2017 and won an award for Construction Excellence for Ecological Rehabilitation Category 2018 for Landscape Queensland.

In 2019, the project won an award under the Land Management Category for Australian Institute of Landscape Architects.

Projects - Muller Street Image 1.jpg
Projects - Muller Street Image 2.jpg
Projects - Muller Street Image 3.jpg
Projects - Muller Street Image 4.jpg
QLD Landscape Architecture Award Winner eSignature.png



Whilst at RPS Group, Andrae was responsible for the project management of the $32M Cairns foreshore redevelopment.

In conjunction with Justin O’Neill from O’Neill Architecture, Andrae oversaw various consultants including Architects, Civil and Structural Engineers and Heritage Consultants.

 The project included the refurbishment of heritage listed wharf sheds, the retention of the existing crane and railway tracks, construction of a new sea wall and associated waterfront promenade and architecturally designed feature shelters / structures.

Close collaboration with the Client (Cairns Port Authority) was required on the design and construction of the play structure intertwining within the existing 90 year old fig tree along with the commissioning of local indigenous artists for the artwork and sculptures.

Detailed artistic elements included sandblasted / etched paving illustrating the historical and cultural significance of the site and its surroundings, incorporation of existing wharf timbers into artwork / sculptures and laser cut steel information plaques located along the fishing wharf balustrade.




 Whilst at RPS Group (formerly C&B Group), Andrae was responsible for the design, documentation and contract administration of 25 individual villas along with a community swimming pool and associated recreation facilities.

The ‘massaging’ of the villa locations and associated facilities within the existing large eucalypts became the primary focus of the design.

Plant species chosen were predominantly native and had to comply with the Brookwater Masterplan.




In 2013, previously with RPS Group, Andrae was commissioned by the Balmain Group to commence with the masterplan for the Port of Airlie including a detailed Landscape Concept Design and documentation for a gated community called “The Cove”.

This prestigious residential development consists of 23 residential lots and a multistorey apartment building situated adjacent to Cruise Whitsunday Ferry Terminal.

The landscape consists of clusters of palms and a colourful plant palette comprising of lush tropical species able to withstand the exposed canal estate location. Large feature timber totems and bluestone wall elements signifies the estate and strengthens the theming of other residential developments within the Port of Airlie precinct. Exposed aggregate threshold paving denotes significant areas such as the entry and view corridor linkages to private marina berths.




In 2009, previously with RPS Group, Andrae was commissioned by Multiplex Pty Ltd to commence with the landscape masterplanning, concept design, contract documentation for a 1000 lot subdivision made up of 12 Stages.

The development is situated on Captain Cook Highway, Trinity Beach nestled into adjacent lush vegetation of Moore's Gully, Earl Hill. Stage 2 "Elysian", comprises of dense rainforest walking trails, quiet streets and views southeast with the peaks of Yarrabah Peninsula.

The landscape theme comprises of natural products such as timber and stone which are reflected throughout the development. Overland flow paths are accentuated with natural rock swales and meandering paths nestled into the existing dense vegetation. Pocket parks consisting of shelters and open grassed areas overlook the scenic North Queensland bush backdrop.





In 2011, previously with RPS Group, Andrae was commissioned by Billiton Mitsubishis Alliance to design, document and oversee the construction processes of several mining accommodation camps within the Dysart and Moranbah regions during the mining boom of 2011. Projects such as Buffel Park comprising of 2000 living units and associated central facilities and amenities buildings within a Construction and Operations Village; Acacia St, Stages 1 and 2 comprising of a 450 person accommodation village with over 100 two bedroom and three ‘eco-cabin’ bedroom units, central facilities, laundries, a maintenance shed and several barbecue areas and Dysart Accommodation Village comprising of a single person village housing approximately 180 living units and associated amenities buildings and barbecue shelters transformed the region in providing successful accommodation camps for FIFO workers and provided employment opportunities for locals.




In 2012, previously with RPS Group, Andrae was commissioned by Urban Land Development Authority for the design and documentation of a 151 lot subdivision nestled in behind the local Health and Fitness Club. With the growing population in the area due to the mining boom, the development required to provide a comfortable living environment in a rural setting.

It provided opportunities such as pocket parks, play equipment and large open areas consisting of earthy tones and native species of planting to be able to withstand the local dry / hot conditions.




In 2003, previously with EDAW, Andrae was responsible for the design and documentation of a team of Landscape Architects for a 6km waterfront development. The waterfront comprises of several different precincts consisting of large open space parks, an open amphitheatre overlooking the water, waterfront promenade spanning the entire length of the development, shelters and viewing platforms nestled into the open space areas, a pedestrian bridge and restaurant / café pop jet plaza.